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Lightweight Text Clustering with Solr

Clustering is one of the most common unsupervised Machine Learning tasks. Solr is shipped with a clustering module based on Carrot2 built-in algorithms. Carrot2 comes with 4 algorithms: Lingo, STC, kMeans and Lingo3D each one mapped to a clustering engine. The first three are open-source whereas the last one is commercial. When this approach is used, clustering takes place in memory. Other frameworks, such as Mahout, can be used to do the clustering “off-line.”

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Document Classification With Solr Streaming Expressions

Classification is one of the most popular tasks in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Solr ships with features, a subset of Streaming Expressions features, that allows building and deploying statistical classification models out-of-the-box. With adequate preprocessing and indexing tweaks, these features can be used to classify documents quickly and with high accuracy. This post illustrates how Solr streaming expressions and Zeppelin notebooks can be used to build a document classifier.